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A xylophone.  An accordion.  A small dog.  

LULU & Co. is born.


LULU & Co. is the brainchild of Columbus-based percussionist and mallet keyboard specialist Susan Powell. Her many years of ragtime xylophone performance endeavors prompted the formation of this novelty band dedicated to spreading the joy of music from the ‘Golden Age of the Xylophone’, most specifically the 1920s. Featuring Susan on xylophone, LULU & Co. includes the talents of Amelia DuPlain, Joseph Krygier, Mario Marini and Ben Shaheen.  


Every LULU & Co. performance is a unique experience with frequent guest artists, rotating repertoire and encouraged audience participation. Audiences at a LULU event are treated to dance-inspired early jazz & ragtime styles that include the Charleston, Fox-trot, One & Two Step, Tango and Waltz.

In addition to utilizing mallet keyboard instruments such as xylophone and marimbas, a variety of other sounds find their way into LULU & Co. performances including drums of multiple varieties and numerous hand-held percussion accessories. Additionally, LULU & Co. has been known to feature a chorus or two on a toy piano as well as a virtuosic solo on a duck call!


LULU & Co. gets its name from an accordion owned and played by Susan Powell’s mother, whose nickname was ‘Lulu’ and which was inscribed prominently in crystal rhinestones on her personal accordion. The “& Co” portion of the name extends to rotating band members and frequent guest artists joining the group for their high-energy, engaging performances.  Recent guests include Mark Rubinstein on accordion, Paul Robinson on banjo and the select vocal ensemble the OSU Statesmen.

Susan Powell is well known as one of the foremost xylophone performers of her generation, and brings to this latest project a wealth of experience in the percussive arts. She currently holds the position Professor of Music (Percussion) at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and is a frequent performer of chamber music with the Sympatico Percussion Group and Pendulum Duo. Her vast performance experience has taken her across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil, as well as multiple appearances in European venues.


LULU & Co. is also a nod to Susan's biggest fan and daily bringer of joy – her 11lb rescue pup, Leia “Lulu”, who ironically is terrified by the sound of a xylophone!

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